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EZM [Einsatz Zeit Messer] Series
Helmut Sinn is a pilot who is passionate about both his flying and the professional instruments used in flight.

When founding the watch company that bears his name, Helmut developed a distinctive line of watches which adhere closely to the term "professional instruments". A Sinn watch is immediately noticed - both the design and function are precise and crisp.

Sinn is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and uses a combination of technology and craftsmanship to develop and produce its watches. The brand is extremely popular in Germany, where sales have been brisk since the very first day.

Most Sinn watches are designed with a specific purpose, and many are in limited production. For example, several models use the inert gas argon to create a dry and corrosion-free environment, while the Hydro line is actually filled with highly viscous silicon oil to improve legibility under water.

The majority of Sinn watches contain chronograph functions, and most sport additional features such as power reserve indicators, second time zone indications, or rotating bezels to use in measurement. The watches are sturdy, beautifully made and a pleasure to wear.

The EZM (Einsatz Zeit Messer) Series are produced for 2 sole purposes. They are specifically designed for the elite German law enforcement units, namely the Federal German Border Commandos Grenzschutzgruppe (GSG-9) and the Zentrale Unterstutzungseinheit Zoll (ZUZ). The EZM1 is utilized by the specialized ZUZ Unit and where as the EZM2 Hydro was used by the GSG9's. The EZM family was started in 1995, when the head of the ZUZ Unit contacted Sinn and requested a watch to be made to their specifications.

The EZM watch was designed for functionality under the harshest of conditions, and is actually worn by members of these unit. Each EZM's has its own special features cater to specific task:-


Ref. 503.010

Automatic movement, Nouvelle Lemania Caliber 5100, 17 jewels, 28,800 vibrations per hour, shock-resistant, anti-magnetic in accordance with DIN.

Hours, minutes, sweep seconds, chronograph & date.


Titanium 40mm, height 16.5mm, bidirectionally rotating bezel with 60-min. scale, sapphire crystal, anti-reflective, screwed-down back, screwed-in crown, water-resistant to 300m.

Prices (approx)
US$1,800 (on calfskin/sharkskin strap)
US$2,000 (on titanium bracelet)
One unique feature of the EZM 1 is its single register chronograph which does not have any sub register at all. The function of the chronograph is done by the minute, hour, seconds and the chronograph hands. In this configuration, it is as uncluttered as can be. With the absence of sub registers, the watch is capable of timing up to an hour and 59 seconds. The EZM 1 is powered by the reliable Lemania 5100, the very best and expensive.

The watch spots a domed sapphire crystals instead of a flat one which help improve readability from difficult angles. The dial itself is not exactly pure black but with hues of green. There are 2 type of dial design. Models from before 2002 has a 3H logo which depicts the use of tritium and has been replaced by luminova with the the logo changed to Ar depicting the used of argon gas.

Argon gas are use to help elinimate fogging & ambient moisture that may be present which in turn minimizes surface corrosion. With such system, the watch has a long time between service intervals. A copper sulphate dehumidifier valve which locate at the side of the lugs acts as an indicator for moisture presence. The indicator will turn bright blue if there's a leak and hints the need of servicing.

One other feature of the watch is its crown and chronograph pusher, which is located at the left side of the watch to avoid unintentional pushes from the wrist.

Next on is the EZM descreet date window located at the 15th & 20th minute chapter with unintrusive red numbering. Last but not least is its bezel which spots a reverse countdown for its chronograph.

EZM 1 Catalog


Ref. 403.020

Quartz, ETA caliber 955.612, 7 jewels, case completely filled with silicon oil, making it pressure-resistant to every divable depth.

Hours, minutes, sweep seconds, date.


Stainless steel 41mm, height 11.4mm, unidirectionally rotating bezel with 60-min. scale, sapphire crystal, screwed-down back, screwed-in crown, water-resistant to 500m.

Prices (approx)
US$750 on sharkskin/rubber velcro strap
US$850 on steel bracelet
GSG9 Limited Edition
US$1,300 (Box Set)
The brother of EZM 1, the EZM 2 HYDRO. The watch come with two type of bezel design, a bead blasted SS and a traditional black which the EZM 1 & EZM 3 employs. The black bezel was only later introduced due to popular demand. Though not as technical as the EZM 1 with its argon gas insert, copper sulphate dehumidifier, titanium, chronograph and an expensive Lemania, the EZM has been design as a simple, straight forward and functional dive watch with its own flair. Sometimes simple is better.

Clearly, the EZM 2 is a cheaper variant of the EZM family. The watch is powered by a tailored made sweep seconds quartz ETA movement which is meant to be lubricated with pure silicon oil. It spots a long power reserve of 7 years before the next new battery is required. Unlike the EZM.1, the unidirectional bezel indicates elapsed time, which is more suitable for diving applications.

As both the EZM 1 & EZM 2 sharing the same dial design, hence all model from 2002 onwards will come without the 3H logo. Despite not having a slightly curved sapphire crystal, the EZM 2 actually has better anti reflective or glaring property thanks to its silicon lubricant. One other attributes of a watch that is filled with silicon lubricants is that it could withstand tremendous pressure without having to utilize any form of helium escape valve as it does not need one.

A close cousin of the Hydro would be the Bell&Ross Hydromax series which by chance also uses the same 955.612 & silicon oil to deter extreme pressure. Though sharing the same resemblence, the Hydromax is rated to 11,000 meters and is also one of the highest depth rated for a dive watch, the price US$2000. I might as well note that Sinn used to be the manufacturer for Bell&Ross which explains the resemblence.

The EZM 2 also has a tighter water resistance of 500 meters as compared to 300 meters for the EZM 1. There is another variant of the EZM 2 which is called the EZM 2 GSG9, a limited edition.

EZM 2 Catalog

EZM 2 GSG9 Special Edition

Black bezel only, Date window at 3 o'clock instead of between 3 & 4 o'clock & additional GSG9 logo above hydro lettering at 6 o'clock

Large aluminium presentation case, steel bracelet & rubber strap, LED torch light & GSG9 CD

All EZM come supplied with a springbar tool for strap/bracelet changing


Ref. 603.010

Automatic movement, ETA 2824-2 caliber, 25 jewels, 28,800 vibrations per hour, protected from magnetic fields up to 80,000A/m, use of special oil guarantees rate at temperatures between -45 degree celcius and +80 degree celcius.

Hours, minutes, sweep seconds, date.


Stainless steel 40mm, height 13mm, unidirectionally rotating bezel with 60-min. scale, sapphire crystal, screwed-down back, screwed-in crown, water-resistant to 500m.

Prices (approx)
US$1,200 (on calfskin/sharkskin strap)
US$1,300 (on steel bracelet)

The EZM 3 is ofcourse another member of the EZM family and particularly closer to EZM 2 rather than EZM 1 in terms of purpose while sharing all its traits with EZM 1. This is the case of 2 models in one, with only the chronograph missing. There are subtle difference on these 2 diving models, the most noticable being the 12 hours white marking on the inside of the black dial.

EZM 3 is positioned for those who did not fancy paying 2000 dollars for the EZM 1 or a quartz but wants a medium range costing halfway between the EZM 1 & EZM 2. While having quite a significance over the EZM 2, the EZM 3 spots an automatic premium ETA 2824-2 over a quartz movement, having the notion that even a high quality purpose built ETA quartz might still have a possibility of failure during operations, Argon gas filled, copper sulphate dehumidifier, special lubricant filled, the Sinn's 66-228 lubricant instead of silicon, making this model an attractive & special combination.

It is interesting to note that with 66-228 lubricant filled, the EZM 3 could withstand extreme temperature ranging from -45 degree celcius and +80 degree celcius while still ensuring optimum performance. Virtually all EZM's are design for actions and almost indestructable.

EZM 3 Catalog

Clearly, all 3 models are positioned in very different categories in terms of form and functions, features and pricing. There are not one that are inferior in my opinion as all of the EZM are beautiful in their own rights. It is also worthy to note that Sinn has position their flagship model, the EZM in a very attractive pricing strategy as compared to say Omega. Though it is sad to say that I still haven't got the chance to own any of these beauties, I am in hope to get the EZM 2 first when my credit card has more credit to spare! Next EZM would be the EZM 1 or if I am loving enough, the EZM 3 as well. There's a saying in WIS that it is better to lust than actually acquire one which is what I am doing right now! I hope you enjoyed reading my "Sinn" section. Robin

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