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This simple website is dedicated to all the beautiful watches especially dive watches ever made.

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Trias WWII UNITAS 6497

Sandoz Submariner ETA 2824

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MeisterSinger Scrypto 1Z ETA 2801

MeisterSinger Scrypto UNITAS 6497


Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry

Ming Thein's Horological Dictionary

TZ-UK Watch Forum
A favorite

Sinn watches has been one of my favorite brands for some time now especially the EZM's. In here, I have compiled some information on the ever popular EZM series for your viewing pleasure. Enter mini EZM page here

My all time favorite


Clockwise from left ~ Officine Panerai Marina Militare, IWC GST Aquatimer, Rolex Seadweller, Sinn EZM 1, Omega Seamaster Pro

Great quality & value


Clockwise from left ~ Zeno SEL 300 Orange Diver, Ollech & Wajs WCT 5513, Timefactors Broadarrow PRS 11 PVD Black


PRS-11 & Zeno Orange available at & WCT 5513 at

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