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The Team

The creation of this website got started when both of us decided to dedicate some of our time to share our experiences with people who wish to know more about Redang island and scuba diving.

Foremost, please allow me to introduce myself, I am Robin Lee and I am the designer of this website and I am a Dive Master. I earn my living as a consultant with a multi national corporation in Kuala Lumpur in hope to fuel my passion as often as possible.

If you noticed, there's a small section on this website solely dedicated to dive watches. it is a simple page showing my favourite selections together with some links & reviews. It is a hobby of mine and I collect dive watches. It is my intention to introduce some low profile brands as they are as good as the popular ones, if not better. This is an era of marketing and suchs, and most of the time we pay too much $ for a watch that it does not worth! I Hope you like my selections and buy one someday!

My partner is Tae Peng, he is the major contributor of this website in terms of information and an Instructor. He is currently attached to Redang Bay Dive Centre and is a resident there. Having instructing for the past 4 years and being on board in the industry for 6 years, he is very experienced and know Redang's dive sites inside-out.

Since the both of us are NAUI trained, it is only logical to adrress to our visitors that there is no major difference between NAUI and PADI except that NAUI is a non profit organization for those who are curious. For more information and courses offered, please visit NAUI website at

We are trying to keep this web site as clean and as simple as possible for easy access to our straight forward information. For those who were here before, as you have noticed, our gallery is finally up and running. For 2004, we are yet planning for more photos to come in, please stay tuned.

I understand that it is virtually impossible to cramp every single bit of information onto a website, in return, we will try to be as concise as possible. If we did missed out on any important information that you wishes to see, do let us know.

If you wish to contact us in regards to our website, you can throw me an e-mail at or if have any questions pertaining to diving in Redang island, you can contact either myself or Tae Peng at